Finding a middle ground

Finding a middle ground

When you begin searching for answers beyond conventional media you will inevitabely discover a whole underground of  independent and alternative news pages and blogs that are on the rise on the internet. What do they have in common?

They are directed at the audience of people tired of mainstream news and stories. They address questions that mainstream science mostly rejects as nonsense or as not being worth looking into. These pages are addressing the phenomena, very present and discussed on the internet – the phenomena of awakening of human consciousness.

We are born into a world that functions in a certain way socially and culturally. We are born, go to kindergarten, school, and more school, find job, get married, get kids, watch TV, go to vacations, earn the retirement and then we die. Most of our lives we do things because we are supposed to, not because we want to.

It seems to me that this growing number of people around the globe is beginning to realize that societies and cultures, we are born in to, are not meeting the needs of something so innate in us all – the need to express ourselves and to explore this amazing mind of ours.

Most people at some point in their life have asked the basic questions about the meaning of it all. Who are we? Where are we coming from? Where are we heading to? Can we live differently, without war and poverty?

At some point, when you realize that the social world is functioning according to some already set rules, and when you look deeply inside yourself, you will find out that maybe you/we were not created to live like this. This is a mind-bending realization which can be profoundly challenging for many. What can you do?

Many write about getting out of the “Matrix”, getting out of the system. For many people this will seem totally impossible, as we are so thoroughly bound to the systems we are born into, at least in the western societies.

This new story is not about world being wrong or to blame. This story is about you, and about finding your place in the world. The world is as it is, so are our societies. There are things that cannot be changed right away. The only aspect of your reality that you can change is your experience of it and it will change the way you act, the way you talk and the way you do things. By changing your own way you will eventually change the world around you by just meeting it differently.

We need to find the middle ground.

To stand for what you know is the truth by embracing your freedom and accepting the responsibility that comes with it.  

How shall we find the middle ground in a society which praises conformity and scientific dogma and where human worth is measured in profit and material success?

Most of the joys of life revolve around simple things, and I bet that most people on this planet whish a joyful life, a life free from fear, pain, hunger and any kind of suffering. We learned in school that human history was a continuous battle against uncertainty, poverty, violence, hunger, a battle for a better and happier life, for human freedom and the right to choose our own path in life.

Where are we now? Are we there yet?

On the surface it looks like we live in a dream, a technological dream. All our basic needs have been met, but still we wonder: Are we free? Is there peace? Why we still invest in weapons and wars instead of education, art and development of alternative energy.

We can see now that continuous wars and hunger were possible because humans are too easy to indoctrinate and get easily seduced by power and fame. These realizations are part of the awakening process. Do you want to continue feeding this destructive energy or do you want to turn the new page and start listening to your heart?

All of the cultural material created on the planet Earth throughout history proves that we are the most creative creatures on this planet. Creativity is probably one of the most important aspects of being human, as is having a conscious experience. We are believers, but we can also be wonderers and our curiosity and imagination seem to have no limits.

We love to tell stories and when stories are told many times they tend to become truths. What we call myths today, were truths for the people that believed in these stories. Who knows, maybe just couple of hundred years in the future our modern scientific stories will be considered myths.

Last century has brought us a story, or a promise of scientific prolongation of life. All of the health hysteria revolves around prolonging our life and our youth. Science has brought us technology, but left us without soul. We are not whole which makes us more frightened than ever. We dull our fears by seeking different kinds of pleasures, such as eating, smoking, gaming, face-booking, tweeting, drinking, sporting, clothing, traveling, moneymaking and whatever else, just to find out that that is not it, that is not it. Fear is still there and we will need much more of the material stuff to keep this kind of story going.

How to find the middle ground after being awakened to these facts about human life?

The truth is simple for me. It is about some simple things that each of us can help each other do. It is about awakening the individual responsibility, it is about seeing beyond conformity, and to do this we must simply slow down and stop this race.

We were all born on this beautiful planet and we all have the right to be able to drink fresh water and eat fresh food. Just go to the nearest river and dare to drink its water.

Who owns the planet? We, humans? Sharing is the new story, the new myth in the making.

What do we really need?

We thrive when we are loved, respected and when we feel that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. All past stories have shown us that. We know love, compassion and joy. Is there anything more joyful than an honest child’s laughter? On the other side there is seriousness and fear, and only when liberated from fear, that has been accumulated in our collective subconscious trough our history of struggle we will be able to live consciously and fully in accord with our innermost need to express our creative and loving human nature.

So, don’t stop questioning your actions and your beliefs and find courage to forgive yourself for being asleep.

We need to recognize that most of the illnesses of today are mostly a reaction to our way of life. Our medicine and psychiatry are actually repairing the damage produced by unhealthy and unnatural way of life.

We are being repaired, molded, indoctrinated and we accept it as normal living. But these reparations are becoming more difficult, for how can you repair the lack of meaning and existential fear?

How can you medicate growing social injustice and poverty?

Look deep into yourself and honestly think – what gives you the meaning in life, what really makes you happy and content, what are you looking forward to?

Is it money or success or what you think the money and success can buy?




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