We live amazing lives in an absolutely astonishing world.
There is so much we do not know, and there is so much we know we feel, but do not dare to talk about.
Nonetheless, every time we utter a word, we express an idea.
Thus, our world consists of continuous sharing of ideas.
Doesn’t it seem that we have a flaw in our design?
We believe that we own ideas.
And that is why we have a difficult time to see,
that the world is constantly changing.
How can you own something that constantly changes?
Realizing this makes you want to share our amazing knowledge. 
Sharing is about change.
Sharing is fun.
If you know what I mean, or will mean tomorow. 
Please keep questioning and express your creative curiosity!
Sept 1, 2014
Natasa is eager to learn about all of the aspects of human existence and how we can create a world without wars, hunger and social injustice. 
– World can be a confusing place, but disovering the power of freeedom from fear changes everything –
Updated: october 31. 2015

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