Behind The Euro Immigration Crisis; Who Is Responsible And Why?

Source: Activistpost

By Brandon Turbeville

As the migrant crisis in Europe grows ever more precarious, violence between security personnel and immigrants reaches a new level and tension between citizens and non-citizens inches higher and higher, any informed observer should be asking themselves the question – “What is the ultimate goal here?”

The immigration crisis has not formed organically nor has it formed in a vacuum. The people attempting to enter Europe over the last few weeks are a diverse lot, but the overwhelming majority of them are fleeing countries where the West, the United States, and NATO have brought “peace” and “democracy” in the last few years via bombs, troops, or proxy terrorists. In other words, the migrant crisis was created entirely by the West.

But, while the West has been so absolutely uncaring regarding the people whose lives they destroy with their “exceptional” militaries, photos of a dead Syrian boy have been paraded across Western media outlets to pull on the heartstrings of a public who, when it comes to most Syrians, generally has no heart at all.

The little boy who drowned in his family’s attempt to escape the “democracy” of beheadings, rapes, and chants of “Allahu Akbar” funded by NATO is a tragedy. This cannot be argued otherwise.

However, the boy’s photo is also a prime example of Western hypocrisy and duplicity. While the world has focused on one dead child washing up on the shores of Turkey, nothing at all was said about the little girl – about the same age as the boy in the photo – who was killed by a car bomb in Latakia at around the same time. She was a victim of America’s “moderate rebels” who have beheaded and raped their way across Syria. She died a violent death. Yet Western media remained silent regarding her case and the case of the thousands of children killed by the Western-backed terrorists operating in Syria. Only in the case of the boy on the beach was the media indignant.

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