Why is sugar dangerous for our health?

Why is sugar dangerous for our health?

It has become a common knowledge that sugar is not that good for our health. Most people today realize that and they try to avoid sweets as much as they can. We know that sugar is bad for our teeth, but imagine what it can do to our gut.

Food industry has been using  sugar to enhance the flawour of many different savory foods for many years now. In some food products there is so much sugar that they should be labeled as sweets instead. The problem is that most people don’t know that they are consuming large amounts of sugar every day by eating processed foods and that the only way to be sure about your own sugar intake is to make your own food from scratch.

The following are three documentaries that explain how sugar affects us and our brain and how its addictive nature has been used by food industry to make us hooked to their products. Furthermore, these documentaries talk about the connection between consumption of sugar and disease.



How sugar affects the brain?


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