Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview – Documentary

By Nataša

I watched Crossroads (made in 2012) a couple of years ago. It is funny, thoughtprovoking, informational and empowering. I really loved how the information was put together and at the time it made me glad to know that there are many more people in this world who want to know, who ask questions and share information we do not learn in schools or by watching conventional media. 

Crossroads will challenge your world view and it may inspire you to ask some more questions, which is great. It questions how we perceive the world, how our opinions are influenced by what majority thinks and how we even can become violent if put in a certain context. But most important of all is that it adresses the fact that not only our world is in crisis, which may be economic and environmental, but that we also are in a crisis on a personal level.

Who are we, what do we value in life and why? 

Do we ouselves choose to live our life in a certain way or do we just conform and do what we think we are supposed to do?

When I confront the people I know with these questions, many say: “What can I do? The world is as it is.”

The difficult part is that the world is our own reflection and to change the world we have to change the way we perceive ourselves and the way we interact with the world and each other. 

I share this film now as it can help you on your quest to understand what is going on in the world and in yourself. Many are seeking knowledge about the workings of the world we live in. This film is a good start.

For the first time in human history, thanks to internet, we have an outstanding opportunity to learn and to educate ourselves without the constrains put on us by the educational system. More and more people are ready to share their knowledge for free. 

Knowledge should be free – that is the point. 

From Crossroads synopsis: 

Weaving together insights and findings from biology, psychology, network science, systems science, business, culture and media, the film reveals the inner workings of the human experience in the 21st century, urging viewers to step out of the box and challenge their own assumptions about who we really are, and why we do what we do.

*Crossroads* places evolutionary context to today’s escalating social unrest, natural disasters, and economic failures. It illuminates the footsteps of an integrated worldview, penetrating its way through the power of social networks to the forefront of our personal and collective awareness.

A refreshing reality check for all viewers and a clarion call for those who carry the seeds of the emerging worldview.


Enjoy, educate yourself and share!

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