Forgotten experiments – how discrimination works?

By Nataša

„Oh, Great Spirit, keep me from ever judging a man until I have walked a mile in his mocasines „

Sioux prayer

In 1969 a school teacher Jane Eliot, after being shocked by the murder of Martin Luther King, decided to teach her primary school students about racism in a quite an unconventional way. She created an exercise so the children would feel on their own skin how it feels to be discriminated.

She was shocked by the outcome of the exercise, which only have proven her assumption that racism is learned and that you only need an appropriate context and authority you respect and belive tells you the truth to motivate discriminative behavior. 

Following documentary is about her bold experiment that shook her little community at the time.

Jane is still active in fighting racism and discrimination today. 

I think that this documentary should be used as educational meterial in schools as we quickly forget how easily we can be indoctrinated and misled by authority we believe in. 

Watch, educate yourself and share!

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