What to do in the times of uncertainty?

What to do in the times of uncertainty?

How many times have you heard the line: “We live in amazing times”?

I’ve read it many times and amazing they are. It is like coming back home to find out how sweet the feeling of belonging is and how humbling the feeling of greatness of being alive is – of being a part of this fascinating miracle of having consciousness.

Seeing for the first time how we take our life for granted, how we torture it, belittle it by not being awake. What a difference it creates in human life to awake to this knowledge?

This is not easy, because once you open this door there is no going back for there is nothing to come back to, and it is scary at first. How can you bring this knowledge further, share it with other souls?

Quite early in my life I had a feeling that life is much more than what I was thought to believe, but I had to go through many tests and awkward situations to really find out the truth. People used to tell me that I was a dreamer, a romantic, maybe even quite naive.

But what is the truth? Why are we here? Is life just a battlefield?

Some time ago I found the words below on the web. I keep them on the door of my fridge to remind me of the simplicity of the truth at times of uncertainty:

“Children can teach you

How to see the world the way it really is,

Not the way we adults have made it out to be.

If you want to heal all the pain

Accumulated over a lifetime

And shed all the burdens modern life

Loads onto our shoulders,

Then remember how to laugh for no reason,

Roll around the grass,

Stare at the sky for hours,

And forget how to feel guilt, shame, envy,

Ambition and malice”  Unknown

Two years ago I quit my job to pursue the truth – my truth. I was quite confused at the time. I just knew that I have become too serious and that the social world I was living in was filled with rules that simply overwhelmed me.

I woke up one day and was terrified by what I saw. I didn’t know what I was doing and what the point of my job was besides earning some money to pay the bills. And it is completely fine to be able to pay the bills, but what is the price? How much will you endure to be able to buy all the stuff you think you need?

I sure was of service to many people, but I could not shake of the feeling that something was utterly wrong with the world I was living in and I couldn’t express it.

These two last years were amazing. I had time to read, to experiment with other sides of my being, creative sides. A whole new world opened up.

It took me quite some time to become open with the things I was discovering. Alternative knowledge, history, philosophy, psychology, economics, art and much more.

After all that I have read it still is difficult to talk about life as a miracle knowing that I too at some point thought that I knew what it all was about. As many others I was just repeating what I was thought in school and I believed in authorities and academia, and I was not aware of how judgemenal I myself was. You have to learn to live with guilt and shame, to learn from your own experiences and then let them go.

Life is a journey and the fear is the main obstacle.

What I realized is that we all have to find this out on our own. There simply is no other way. I am writing this as the writings of others in similar situations have helped me not to feel alone on this journey. So I want to share the story and I created this website to share my thoughts and the thoughts of other travelers I feel connected to.

You are welcome to share too.

The truth is simple. We are filled with fears accumulated trough generations. The feelings of hunger, cold, sickness, suffering, death and killing are deeply engrained in our genes. These fears tell us that we are not able to live responsibly as free and conscious human beings. These fears tell us that there is someone smarter than us who can tell us how to live.

That is why we accept stupidity even when we know that there is another way, but the little me is afraid to step out and say:

“I do see the world differently!”

The truth is that you are such a powerful being and all you need is already within you.

The truth is that we also have the feelings of love, compassion, gratitude, generosity, romance, unity, humor. Do not forget these in all the simple acts of living a human life.

Remember a child that you once were and the importance of love and acceptance. Treat yourself as that child. Give it love and be patient with it.





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