You are amazing!

You are amazing!

You are amazing!

You are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you something different, not even your mind!


You are reading this because you are a seeker, you are this wonderful curious being that wants to know about the world. Most of our questions arise out of not being completely satisfied with what we already have been thought about the world? You have questions or maybe you are just confused.

What is the feeling of not knowing the answer, of living in the dark?

And what is it that you are searching for, a solution that will miraculously change your life, and then everything will be just fine?

Please keep asking!

I welcome you, you are not alone! You are just a human witnessing awakening of your own mind to a new level of consciousness.

No mystery in it at all.

You may be reading this because you too wander about the true meaning of the freedom concept, or the phenomena of consciousness which after all seem to make all this, these words, these conversations, these questions possible?

Are you wandering about our collective history and all the stories we have been told – the stories that were promoted and thought to us in schools and by our parents, and the stories that were quieted or remained unspoken for such a long time.

Well, those other stories you have to search for on your own. Those stories are mostly not thought in schools or talked about around the table at your office.

Those stories are about the mystery of life, about questioning concepts and accepted truths.  

When you start asking these questions not only yourself, but others too, you will meet your own uncertainties and you may become even more aware of the power of the space behind the door you just have opened.

And then there is fear. Do you fear something? Of course you do, we all do.

And this mind that have created the human concept of fear, particularly the social aspect of it, is struggling to keep the system going by struggling to put the fear away, to dull it somehow.

Fear of the unknown is overwhelming, and the world we live in is a proof in itself that we want certainty and security. Stories that give us comfort are the stories that tell the tale of conquering the fear and going beyond fear into believing in something bigger than ourselves and our simple earthly fears.

Did you ever wander if our mind was created to be able tame the fear? Is that what we are witnessing, the minds attempt to conquer the fear? And to conquer the all consuming fear, the mind has to learn about itself and its fears.

So what is THE MIND? Is it me or a concept in a psychology book?

Are you also asking that question? Am I my mind and as Echart Tolle have said “who is asking?”

Who are you and who am I?

Language is just amazing.

The mind uses language to understand itself, but language is also an inherent part of any culture, which is the collection of all the products of individual minds. The culture defines language and forms it.  So, to enable efficient communication in a complex cultures as for example western cultures, the language is being tamed and squeezed into set of rules. I am not defending my grammatical mistakes here ;)) forgive me, there are certainly some, but when I was born no one around me spoke English.

Language is ingenious means of communication. Our minds ability to communicate with language is truly a masterpiece.

What is the problem then?

It is so great that we can understand each other – but are we really? Or are we just being polite?

You see we humans are some quite good and obedient beings, and combine that with our unconscious mind, mind overpowered by fear and blind trust in any kind of savior (Jesus, Budha, Mohamed, Einstein, Tesla, Goethe, Nietzche or anyone) will trust others, especially those that master the art of language, to lead them trough life.

Our present social systems and the languages they support are just not flexible enough to allow evolving consciousness.

We are awakening from the dream of economic progress and schooling to find a job paradigm.

You see, the real awakening starts when you find your own answers.

School will give you some clues, but if you want to know more, you’re on your own from there.

Be thankful that you can read and choose for yourself what words will you set before you. 

No one can tell you what to do, how to think, how to feel, because you are the only witness of your mind.

When questioning starts, you will look for certain leads. That is why you keep reading this text. You will discover what intuition means and that language is not all you need to communicate and to understand the world inside you and around you.

You will want to talk about these questions and thoughts, but the language may get in the way.

Your friends may tell you that you philosophize too much about life and that you live in the clouds or even that you should talk to a therapist.

I am a psychologist by profession, so you are at least doing one of the those things :-))

Joking aside…

And there you stand, eager to share the amazing state of your mind with others, because human mind amazes you. All the thoughts and the ideas it can produce is just astonishing.

Isn’t our human life amazing? I have heard someone say “we are literally living in a technological dream”. Just think about how people lived just 100 years ago.

And you may ask – haven’t we got all the material goods and protection we need?

What is the next quest, the next frontier?

Maybe it is to really understand the human mind.

Just keep questioning and don’t forget:

You are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you something different, not even your mind!


That’s all for now.

With love


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