What a day!

What a day!

What a day!

Have you ever wondered about how profoundly beautiful and confusing this world is? 

When modern living is setting the pace of life it sure is difficult to find time to appreciate it as it is. Just to watch the sky and the clouds that move around it. No, we have to get things done in time, to get to places, to get to meetings at time. Oh, the time. There is no time to appreciate the clouds. Everyone is rushing around like busy bees. And yes, it is just fine. That is life also, so don’t be concerned.

Once in a while we get some time off, we get “unplugged”, and then we start noticing things, and for many it may seem scary not to have plans for the day, and then we rush back to doing things just to distract ourselves from ourselves, from our thoughts, from our fears.

Where do all these ridiculous fears come from?

We have so many fears and the most amazing thing is that fears keep our societies going.

Recently I read an article about how much food gets wasted in Western countries. It was shocking. On the other page I read an article about how to solve food shortages in the future. 

We live in a pretty confusing world. But we manage to move around it, pretending or believing we know what we are doing and what life is all about. 

Pulling the brakes, on the other hand can be much more terrifying than to go with the flow.

And so we go, happy and mesmerized by our fear of not having enough.

We buy and buy and buy, and no one is innocent here. We live a life that is a dream. Think about it. If you had to build all the things you have with your own hands, would you still have it all? Is it realistic to say that you have earned all that stuff?

I don’t know about you, but I think I would not have all that stuff if I had to build it myself. I think I would rather share things with others. And that is not noble or spiritual at all. It is just practical in the long run. Sharing gives you more time to appreciate life, to let go of social fears, which are based mostly on the false perception of possession.

What a day!

Tomorrow is a new day, a new day to get things done, to escape fear, to confront loneliness in a crowd of faces rushing around?

Just stop one of the faces and look them in the eye. What will you see? I don’t know, do you?

With love


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