UN Agenda 30 – some thoughts?

By Natasa

UN general assembly held in New York these days was not only about Putin’s and Obama’s disagreements, it was also about implementation of Global Sustainable Development Goals, called Agenda 30, which are to be reached by 2030. You can read about these goals here. At first glance these goals sound quite good and humane as they promise to end the poverty, hunger and unemployment and many other social problems, but at a closer look things seem a bit different.

Par. 52  states for example:

“It is “We the Peoples” who are embarking today on the road to 2030. Our journey will involve Governments as well as Parliaments, the UN system and other international institutions, local authorities, indigenous peoples, civil society, business and the private sector, the scientific and academic community – and all people. Millions have already engaged with, and will own, this Agenda. It is an Agenda of the people, by the people, and for the people – and this, we believe, will ensure its success.”

Who are “we the people”? I have not signed any contract nor have I been asked about my opinion on how the global community should live. I wonder how many people really know about Agenda 30 and the implications it might have for their lives.

I wonder why this UN agenda does not address a very important subject of our time – the debt slavery, or why isn’t there anything about who owns the land and who has the right to exploit the land and profit from it? Is UN protecting imperialism in humanitarian disguise?

Why not talk about freeing natural resources and the land, instead of talking about achieving universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all?

Affordable water? What about free water?

No, UN plans to get control over entire population first by implementing goals for planned education from the cradle to the grave, preparing you to accept that you are just a member of UN’s working force, that they (educated elite) know better what is best for you, and all of this will be done by implementing goals for education, family planning, genetic banks, international laws and regulations.

Control, control, control ….

I wonder about many things I read in this paper and most of all I wonder about who are all those people that think they can decide what is best for entire population of the earth? And I am not arguing that ending powerty or hunger or war isn’t a good idea. I would love to do that, but just try reading the paper for yourself and you will see a lot of nice words, but no real suggestions. Investors or partners as they are called, will decide about how the goals will be implemented.

I wonder if all those politicians who signed the document have read it closely.

I also wonder about who will invest in such projects which are expected to cost $3.5 trillion to $5 trillion every year until 2030?

World Bank of course.

Did we not learn by now that the world of today is all about profit? There are always interests and someone that wants even more power is pushing this program, and many are not even faintly aware that this so called humane Agenda could be a way to total global control of human life.

So, if someone is to invest such a large amount of money, what would they be expecting in return?

Reed the following article and think about it. It is only healthy to question things even when presented as a humanitarian act of a century. Business is still business, even if in humanitarian disguise.

This Happened In September: The UN Launched “The Global Goals” – A Blueprint For A United World

Be well and be informed,


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