How Does A Young Person That Grew Up With Internet Sees The World?

Spencer Cathcart made this amazing documentary about the world he sees around him. He is young and passionate and sees things as they are. His documentary is published on 27. of january and has already been seen by more than million people and is translated to many languages.

I thank Spencer for bringing these pictures and words together in an inspiring poem that will make you feel the pain and suffering inflicted on the peoples of the earth reminding us that what we really want is love, joy and happiness, but we are dulled by the world of media and pointles material game that blurs our vision and keeps us asleep.

As he says, many of us may be lucky to live 80 years but the earth has been here for billions of years and it will continue. The question is whether or not we will make it.

“We have mastered the act of killing. Now let’s master the joy of living”

With love


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